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February 07 2015


Picture Dental Clinic Designs

Ever wondered why the reception desk of a dental clinic has pastel colored walls and soft cushioned sofas and armchairs? How about the excellent selection of warm and attractive lighting fixtures that exude a calming and welcoming ambiance? Relocate the image fun and child-friendly? These carefully selected elements and well-thought out ideas didn't just spring out from the dentist's mind or even the architect's creative plan. Every component of dental clinic interior planning is planned, studied and executed well for the space to be comfortable and relaxing for the patients and easy to work at and navigate through for the dentists, assistants as well as other dental specialists. - Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Walking within the reception area of a dental clinic can either make you frightened or cause you to feel welcomed. It can prepare you for a calm and beneficial treatment session with the dentist if the design is well thought out and applied. The shades of the walls matter and even the choice of graphics and paintings can make a difference in how patients experience the office. The right interior design touches have to be imposed inside the design of the reception desk and also within the other areas of the dental clinic such as the treatment area, consultation area, recovery area and special testing area. They have to all come together in order to regulate the positive aftereffect of each design aspect in the interior of each area.

The procedure room can be enclosed, only partially with low-wall partitions who have sliding or folding screens. They may also be fully enclosed with respect to the size of the room because patients could be claustrophobic in a small and closed up space and can grow more frightened than their initial emotional response. The dental chair has to be placed in the center of the procedure area and it has to get ample space surrounding it in order that the dentist can easily perform her tasks helped by her dental assistant. The sink counter and storage cabinets ought to be accessible for the dentist to ensure ease of movement and swift and efficient treatment of the patients. When the treatment has been successfully executed as well as the dentist needs to discuss recommendations using the patients they could take on a well-designed office and stay comforted by the soothing and calming ambiance with the space. The walls ought to be in neutral tones or subdued primary and secondary colors so the patient can feel relaxed and never be distracted by heavily textured walls or eye-catching paintings or glaring lamps. The dental clinic should be equipped by clean treatment rooms, recovery rooms for severe cases and personal yet casual and fascinating consultation room. A visit to the dentist is something that lots of people dread. You will need to ensure that the setting is as calming as possible to lower stress levels and ensure a pleasing, stress free experience. - Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

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